Taxi and the Stranger

Taxi and the Stranger

I finished working around 1.15am last nite. At such time of the night, there’s no more public transport running. I needed to ask one of my colleague to give me a ride halfway, until Richmond station. From Richmond station, I needed to take the taxi. It was Saturday night, a lot of traffic in that area, but seeing an unoccupied taxi was a rare thing. I waited just around the corner of the intersection. There was a cab coming after about 10 mins wait. Then there were this guy and a girl standing next to me.  I was distracted a little bit, and they sort of jumped into the cab first. Sigh.. needed to hail another taxi, I thought. Then there’s another guy, came near me. Apparently, he’s also after an unoccupied taxi. Not before long did he ask me where I were heading. City, Collins St, I said, and asked him in return. He said Altona (Altona’s southwest of city, and we’re in southeast of city). Well, just after that, a cab came. We both hurried towards it. I jumped into front seat. And just before that, he asked me, whether I wanted a split. Well, I didn’t want to wait any longer, and at the same time, I thought there’s nothing with sharing and splitting a cab. So I said yes, and he jumped into backseat. I got off right in front of the apartment building where I live. The meter read $9.40 at that time. I handed $10 to the guy, whom from the smell of his breath, I supposed had been drinking.

Straight after reaching home, I had a shower. As usual, a
lot of stuff popped into my mind during shower. I wonder why, but
shower time are usually the time my mind being most active, either
thinking out loud, or simply imagining weird stuff.

In the middle of the shower, I looked back what I’d done. Sharing a cab with a stranger. A conspiracy theory I proposed during shower was, what if the stranger was the taxi driver’s partner, and they were both up to no good? Hmm, I was lucky enough that  my theory was wrong. Or was I being silly proposing such stupid theory? Or maybe I was being too suspicious? Hmm…

Everytime after work and shower, I always feel my body aching and tired. However, my mind is always fresh. I stayed up chatting with ol frenz, then off to bed. But I didn’t sleep straightaway. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was a very interesting book. In fact, the whole five Harry Potter books I’ve read so far, they’re all really good. It boost your imagination and entertain you whenever you’re bored or when you want to kill time. Anyway, it was already 5am when I looked at the clock, and decided it’s too err… early in the morning. So I decided to stop, and went to dreamland. Zz.. zzz..zzz.zz.z

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  1. Julie

    I would reckon that the conspiracy theory was indeed something close to reality, you never knew what could have happenned if it is true!! As I was reading your blog, I sort of presume that it’d be some kinda thriller incidence where something must have happenned on ur ride home, well luckily everything is alright .. heehee.. be careful next time u hail a cab!! cheers!!

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