Got Owned

Got Owned

What is your first reaction when somebody come out of nowhere to surprise you? My first reactions are always silly. I scream so loudly that the prankster, usually my friends, laugh at me just as loudly. Just like today, I was holding a spoonful of chilli when one of my colleagues tapped my shoulder and called my name so loudly that I screamed at maximum power. He laughed at my reaction. Hehe.. so silly of me. Why the heck should I scream so loudly? I should have just stay calm. Damn it, he enjoyed it so much that he did it twice. The second time, I was walking alone along the back-alley, then he suddenly jumped into me and yelled ‘Hey’. I still screamed. Arghh!

Hmm.. I just pointed out my weakness to you all… the would-be pranksters against me. These people on my black-list, who had ever did that prank on me, as far as I can remember, are:

  • In Chin
  • Joey Keat Joo
  • Chamanan

Please do not make me add more names onto the list. Wahahah…

Now, into a more serious topic.

I find it funny, and how people can not learn from experience. Too many people only realised and start to regret something, when that something has completely gone away from them. When they haven’t possessed that something, they tried hard until they have it. But once that something is in their possession, they never really appreciate it. It would stay this way until that something has suddenly gone missing, gone away, lost, or taken by somebody else. Then they would regret when everything has changed so much there’s no more point of return.

I just hope I won’t need to experience this thing another one more time. I will try hard to appreciate everything I have, because I know that’s a blessing. However bad your day is, there’s always a bright side of it, and never regret, coz everything that happen onto you, happen for a reason.

Okay, this is getting boring. So let’s just cut it off here. G’nite to myself. Looking forward to tomorrow, yumcha n watching movie. Yay!

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