Bang Bang !

Bang Bang !

This evening was quiet enjoyable. Left office right after 5pm, reached home 5.40, then watch a little bit of "Donald Duck". Amy walked into my room, and teased how kiddish I am. Being 23, in workforce, but still watch Donald Duck dvd. Well, the funny part is, she herself was wearing a Mickey Mouse jumper. Huhauhaha… 1-1. (Hehe… sorry for teasing you in my blog, my dear housemate, but I feel this is quite a funny memory, so i need to jot down somewhere. Kekkeke)

Then had dinner in Bismi Golden and Fork, an Indian eatery. Sue Ann n her colleagues call the restaurant Indian Matrix. Coz the restaurant has a poster, a little similar to that Matrix movie (which famous for it’s constantly-changing numbers all over the movie poster), with the text "Bismi", in front of their display window. The food’s quite delicious. Not expensive at all. Ten bucks get u full enough that u need to "release your payload" in an hour.

I managed to have some good time in "3 Degree" pub, and then later on in "Elephant and Wheelbarrow". Music’s a bit loud, or was it because i was standing too close to the speaker? The timber floors trembled everytime the patron start to jump. Image315 Huahuaha.. but it’s all good. Oh yeah, one song in particular, or
rather, line from the song lyrics that caught our attention, n then
later on became line-of-the-day and laugh-trigger, was "Bang Bang !". The photo shows me and Sue Ann "bang-banging" in the middle of Collins St Extension Bridge, nearly 2am in the morning.

I guess I am pretty lucky tonight. Came across a fifty-dollar note on the ground just in front of my apartment building on the way home. Image316Well, there’s no one around that might be the potential owner. So I guess it’s acceptable if i keep it. See there’s a cause and effect action in here. Earlier tonite I bought frenz some drink. Then I got $50 back out of nowhere. Huaheuahe… Not bad for a Friday night. At least my mood’s fully charged to happily work in the function tomorrow evening.

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  1. Sue Ann

    Moral of the story is: Always spend your friends drinks, as you will be awarded with money on the ground after that.
    Bang Bang! 🙂 Yeah, you are right – it does sound a bit obscene come to think of it. LOL.

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