The Art to Spicy Food

The Art to Spicy Food

"Dainty Sichuan Restaurant", located in Collingwood (tram 86 towards Bundoora East, stop 18, opposite Safeway) is one of restaurants around Melbourne that serves extremely spicy, yet delicious food. So deliciously spicy that you could feel guilty for
ordering non-spicy food in there, such as plain Asian stir fry mixed vegetables.

Image273One cuisine that we ordered was the combination hotpot. Pig blood, ox tripe, seaweed, squid, pork heart, spam, pork, beanshoot, coriander, and of course the same amount of authentic Sze Chuan chilli sauce all cooked in large hotpot. It’s extremely spicy, that you could get itchy nose and sneezing just from the smell.

To be able to really enjoy the food, first, we need to prepare ourselves mentally by sitting and waiting patiently for 30 mins before the first appetizer is served. Take our time, and enjoy the cold dish while our tongue is cold. Just as your tongue feel more and more spicy, it’s time to stop. Cool down, and just in short moments, main courses are served.

Since the hotpot is big, we need to hunt for treasures deep under. Once you get a "big catch", put it on a small plate, then start picking out all the chillies. Take your time as you enjoy it with a bowl of steam rice. After a couple of mouthful, you might start to feel numb on your tongue, or cold and numb fingers. That is the first sign that your body is "enjoying" it. If you start to have running nose, sweating forehead and back, or short breath, don’t panic. Take a sip of ice water (a better drink would be hot chinese tea, as it absorbs the spice more quickly). Then continue again. As you finish your first bowl of rice, you may start to lose the fight against the chilli. Ask for another bowl, and get another bottle of water. Pour the water into the bowl, and soak the "treasure" that you’ve already picked and selected into the bowl. We call this dual-layer elimination process. Don’t worry, it won’t lose its taste. That’s the real Sze Chuan hotpot. As the level of spicy degrade and the "treasure" is less-warm , you could now eat at fast speed.

The last phase of enjoyment, of course, would be your stomach. Maybe at this time, u start to feel heavy-duty process is running in your belly. Find the nearest "disposal" if the "volcano" showing sign of eruption.

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